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Company Profile

Dart Sensors Shenzhen (DSSZ) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dart Sensors Ltd (DS), founded in the UK in 1994.


Dart Sensors, world leader in breath alcohol sensor development and manufacture, and a major player in the field of formaldehyde sensor products, has maintained a sales and technical support facility in Shenzhen since 2007, building a market in China that now accounts for half its turnover.


DSSZ has now turned its attention to the export from China of some of its respected customers' products, many themselves containing Dart's sensors. Here is a summary of products currently available.


Partnership with Prosense Technologies of Shenzhen has resulted in the launch of state of the art precalibrated sensor modules for formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. These carry the Dart Sensors name, and the assembly and calibration of these products is subject to audit by DS staff.


Prosense's own hydrogen sensor products are also available from DSSZ, both industry standard hydrogen three electrode sensors, and rugged sensors for determining degradation in electrical transformer insulating oil.


We are please to be able to offer a range of PM2.5 sensors, a trusted Chinese brand.


Accessories for implementing our core technology, breath alcohol measurement, are also available: a 2 litre breath alcohol simulator, and breath alcohol sample pumps, our own brand made by our own staff in Shenzhen.


Further additions to our range will be announced in due course, beginning with a sensor for carbon dioxide and multisensor domestic air quality monitors.


DSSZ has been run since the outset by Sarah Yue who will be pleased to receive your enquiries. Dr Walter King, the founder of DS, is also available at the Shenzhen office in January, April, July and October.

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