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Dart Sensors Shenzhen (DSSZ) was formed as a Representative Office in 2007 in response to a growing number of enquiries coming to Dart Sensors (UK) from China. Originally it was restricted to the provision of sales and technical support, but later it was upgraded to a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise to engage in trade, originally to introduce Dart Sensors products to new customers, and more recently also to export products made by China customers.

In order to demonstrate our main product lines and to troubleshoot problems, we have full test equipment for alcohol and formaldehyde sensors, the latter a permeation tube gas stream installation, at our office in Nanshan.

DSSZ has proved to be a very worthwhile asset as an effective bridge between Dart Sensors UK and our Chinese customers, with the outcome that China is now our biggest market comprising about half of our turnover.

The semi-retired founder of Dart Sensors, Dr Walter King, is the Legal Representative of DSSZ who attends from the UK for part of the year, ably supported by office manager Yue Lan, who has been in post ever since the foundation in 2007.  Graduated from Zhejiang University for the master degree with the major Biomedical Engineering and Instrument Science, Yue Lan has basic background for customer service here.


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